What is ShopWithScrip? is a free online scrip ordering tool provided by our major scrip supplier, Great Lakes Scrip Center (GLSC). (NOTE: Orders are still delivered to school weekly) It allows you to place traditional gift card orders online and pay by check, plus gives you access to three of GLSC’s optional convenience products, ”Reload”, ScripNow!TM, and PrestoPay™.

“Reload” gives you the ability to reuse participating GLSC retailer’s cards by reloading them with the dollar amount you choose and you’ll still earn scrip credit.

ScripNow!TM allows you to receive participating retailers’ eCertificates via email rather than waiting for traditional cards to be delivered. You can even schedule and send eGiftCards with personalized messages to your family and friends.

PrestoPay™ is the secure payment system that allows you to pay for your purchases directly from your bank account instead of writing checks. It utilizes the same ACH banking network used for direct deposits of payroll and tax refunds. PrestoPay™ allows your ScripNow!TM and Reload items to be delivered automatically (ScripNow!TM within minutes, Reloads one business day) versus days when paying by check. A 15₵ convenience fee (previously 39₵) is charged per order.

ShopWithScrip makes ordering a breeze by offering the complete nationwide listing of retailers supplied by GLSC, as well as our local retailers. It’s a one-stop shop for all things scrip!

Why Should I use ShopWithScrip?

ShopWithScrip is so convenient to use! It’s more accurate than traditional order forms because discounts, products, and denominations are updated immediately as changes occur. Plus, it allows you to earn any bonus discounts GLSC may be offering. You can also view images of each GLSC product and find information about where and how gift cards can be used. The Reload and ScripNow!™ options (especially when used with PrestoPay™) offer the utmost convenience! With these options, you won’t have to wait for a physical card to ship via our weekly order cycle- perfect for last-minute purchases!

Plus, you can place any of your orders (traditional, Reload, or ScripNow!™) literally any time of day or night, 365 days a year, from any internet-connected computer or device!

How Do I Get Started?

Review and sign the “St Mark Scrip Terms and Conditions” document. Then stop by the school office or Welcome Center at church to sign-up for the program. There you will receive our school’s enrollment code, which you will need when creating your free account on That’s all it takes to begin taking advantage of the easiest and most convenient fundraising program you’ll ever use. Start using today!

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