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One component of our computer science curriculum is logical thinking and programming. We showcase our computer games online.

You can find the 2010-2011 5th grade assignments at

You can find the 2010-2011 6th grade assignments at

You can find the 2011-2012 5th grade assignments at

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TimezAttack is a math game that is for grades 3-5 primarily. If you aren't in one of those grades, but want access, email Karl Henselin to have it set up for you. In a few months, Grade 2 will start to use it when the addition and subtraction part comes live, but for now, it tests students on multiplication and division. It is a free program, that you can use at home or at school. The stats will get updated and sent to your teachers automatically.

To install it, go to

For help on installing it, watch this video.



Technology is very important in our changing world. People are connecting with others across the world on a regular basis. St. Mark students have access to about 50 computers and upper graders have access to email accounts that let them communicate with each other, their teachers, and their parents.

Computerized assessment and individualized teaching allow students to progress in math ahead of the class and to work on the skills that they are weakest in. Important to students, they feel like games. Important to teachers and parents, they keep track of progress and motivate students to work hard.

Students at St. Mark use technology tools to create rich digital content that prepares them for high school and beyond. Students at St. Mark even built the computers that are in our classrooms. Talk about hands-on-learning!



Parents, teachers, and school administrators today have a tough job. Keeping kids safe online in a world where everything has a Web browser and Internet connectivity is daunting, especially at home. Luckily OpenDNS parental controls service applies filtering settings everywhere, from the laptop to your kids' XBox, Wii, Playstation and iPad. Parents can set up OpenDNS on their routers, select the content they want to block, and voila, it protects every single Internet-connected device in the home.

Read more: OpenDNS

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