The world in which we live is constantly changing.  Our students need to learn the necessary skills that will allow them to be successful in today’s world.  The curriculum at our school is challenging and meets the needs of all learners.  Christian principles are taught not only in Religion class, but applied in all areas of the curriculum.

Below is a summary of the curriculum and areas of learning:


Worship, Prayer, Bible History, Catechism, Hymnology, Church History, Memory Work

Language Arts

Reading, Literature, Phonics, English, Grammar, Forensics, Handwriting, Spelling

Foreign Language



Arithmetic, Problem Solving, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry


Earth Science, Life Science, Physical Science, Human Body

Social Studies

Geography, History, Current Events, Political Science, Economics, Sociology

Fine Arts

Vocal & Instrumental Music, Art

Physical Education

Movement Exploration, Fitness, Coordination, Individual & Group Skills, Team Games

Computer Science

Hardware Introduction, Keyboarding, Applications, Internet Usage, Programming

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